Aluminium Patio Doors

Finefold Aluminium System’s Lift and Slide is more than just a patio door system, it is a sliding wall of glass which has been specifically designed and developed to accommodate the increasing desire for larger glass panels to enhance living spaces in construction design.

This high quality product is the result of much research and development and is ideally suited for inclusion in the design of swimming pools and residential properties where free and easy movement of large glass panels are required.

Just rotate the handle and the smooth effortless movement of the door is achieved by a innovative roller gearing mechanism. The mechanism, which is designed to distribute the weight laterally through the roller track, raises by a few millimetres which results in free and easy horizontal travel along the integrated stainless steel guides.

The Finefold Lift and Slide patio door is designed in a 20mm polyamide thermal break profile which gives greater thermal efficiency and allows the facility to install glazing units over 40mm in thickness.

This system incorporates a high security multi locking handle which is available with a vast choice of Euro cylinder locks and is available in conventional twin track or with a variety of opening options, including a massive six panel triple-track design.


  • Spans up to 19 metres
  • Anti Lift device
  • High security locking t resistance class 2
  • 20mm Polyamide Thermal break profile